Ball Green Balls
Ball Green Balls
This is a regularly run draw that takes place on a Friday and Sunday evening. The Jackpot find is increased continually until the Jackpot is actually won. Each draw winner is guaranteed a minimum prize of £10 for pulling the Red Ball, £20 for the Blue Ball, £30 for the Green Ball and £50 for the Black ball,


The Running total can be seen in the updater on this site or on the add screens in the club

NOTE - Non club members are welcome to partake in the draw but will only be entitled to 50% of the payout if they win the Jackpot.

NOTE - On the time of the draw the winning ticket must be presented in the club at this time. If the winner/winning ticket is not on the site at the point of the draw then the draw will be re-done until it is won buy an individual that is on the premesis,
Beer Draw
Beer Draw
The beer draw is run weekly and the winner gets themself 10x free pints/shorts of their choosing.

Costs for this is £1 for 5 Draw tickets. These are drawn on a Sunday evening and the winning ticket number will be put up in the club, On Here, and on our Facebook Page

This applies to Single measures in the case or the spirits :)
Fruit Machines
Fruit Machines
We have several Furit Machines for those who like to partake in this area.

Please note that the legal age limit ot play on these machines is 18 years of age and these rules are to be adhered to.

Football Team
The Club has its own football team

Further information to follow on this
Darts Teams
We have a number of darts teams running from the club and are always happy to take on new players

We also have the facilities to run competitions with the multiple boards freestanding and mounted including the stage platform.