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Ball Green Balls

Ball Green Balls

This is a draw that is run every Friday and Sunday evening. The Prize fund pots starts at £200 and will increase by £10 each draw until the jackpot ball (YELLOW) is pulled from the bag.

  • The Balls in the bag start at:

    • 1x Yellow (Jackpot)
    • 2x Black  – £50.00
    • 3x Green – £30.00
    • 5x Blue – £20.00
    • 25x Red – £10.00

Every Draw there is a guaranteed winner of a minimum of £10.00.  Draw Tickets are 5 for £1.00.

The draw will be run at the end of the evening and the winning ticket holder get to have a go to try to pull the ball from the bag. The colour ball pulled will be the value of the prize that is won.

Note addition Rules….

  • The ticket must be on site at the time of the draw. If it is not the draw will be re done
  • Anybody can enter this draw but should a non club member have the good fortune to pull the JACKPOT (Yellow) ball then they will only receive 50% of the Jackpot fund. This rule only applies to the JACKPOT and not the other prize amounts.
  • If a non member pulls the Yellow then the remaining 50% of the pay out will be put back into the Jackpot restart fund of the £200 + the remaining 50% for the next draw.

Beer Draw

The Beer Draw is run weekly and the tickets can be purchased over the bar or they will be on sale by the committee over the evenings they are in so you can get the at any time. Tickets are £1.00 per strip and the draw takes place on a Sunday Evening along with the Ball Draw.

The winner does not have to be on site as we will post the winning number on Facebook and the website and then the winner has 14 days to claim the prize.

The winner then gets the prize of 10x Free drinks. This is for Pints and Shorts but note that shorts are in Single Measures not Doubles.

Entrants must be 18 years of age or over to take part in this draw.

Football Burster

Get you teams in this list and be entered into the draw for the regular run.

 Total teams in the draw are 92 at present.

£1.00 per week gets you your team and entry into the draw.

Pay-outs are in increments each week until the winner(s) have hit the 11 Goals.

Boobie prize also for the individuals that are are still on 0 (Zero) goals when the current run is won.

Fruits machines

Our fruit machines have a maximum pay-out of £500 for the jackpot prize and we have a couple of machines on site. Please not legal age for gambling must be adhered too.

More info to follow